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polyoxyethylene fatty amine
Molecular formula :

nature : AN known as leveling agent. Non-ionic surfactants. Tan oily or shaped objects, pH 9 to 12, with a total value of amine 90 ~ 100, tertiary amine value of 90 to 100, with a total value of tertiary amine poor ?5, less than 1.0% moisture, ash ?0.5%. In alkaline and neutral medium, was non-ionic, in acid medium was cationic, has excellent emulsifying and erosion performance, HLB 11 ~ 12. A pair of acidic gases inhibition. By aliphatic amines in alkaline catalyst, the reaction with ethylene oxide obtained. In the oil refining process, can inhibit acidic gases to slow down the corrosion of equipment to extend the life of equipment are good role.

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More Detailed Data:
1) aliphatic amine;fatty amine
2) Amine
3) -Dodecylamine
4) poly(ethylene oxide);PEO
5) polyoxyethylene;poly(ethylene oxide)
6) polyoxyethylene;polyethleneglycol;polyethylene oxide
7) ethylene;ethene
8) ethylene;ethene
9) ethylene;ethene
10) Ethylene;Ethene
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