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polyurethane rubber
Molecular formula :

nature : from polyester (or polyether) diol with more isocyanate by the addition polymerization reaction of the synthetic rubber, monomer used by the different type can be divided into polyester and polyether-two. By processing mode can be divided into type mixing, thermal plastic and casting three types. Type casting which used liquid rubber over the prepolymer and chain extenders rapidly mixed after casting molding, which is such a major synthetic rubber molding method. Physical properties of polyurethane rubber, and excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, oil resistance and ozone resistance is also good. Weakness is cold, heat, water-poor. Polyurethane widely used in the manufacture of rubber Cots, rubber tire, flexible drive pieces, belts, equipment lining, sealing products and shoes.

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More Detailed Data:
1) polyurethane rubber
2) Polyurethane rubber
3) polyurethane rubber
4) Polyurethane rubber
5) polyurethane
6) polyurethane;PU
7) rubber
8) rubber
9) cast polyurethane elastomer;CPUR
10) millable polyurethane elastomer
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