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schoenfiies point-group symbols
Molecular formula :

nature : Shenflis symbols capital letters T, O, C, D, S, on behalf of tetrahedral group, the octahedral group, Rotary groups, and anti-double-axle group, which marked the first under a number of representatives of Arab spindle axis times , lowercase letters i, s, v, h and d representatives of the corresponding symmetric point, the Mirror, mirror spindle, spindle perpendicular to the mirror and two adjacent sub Vice axis mirror. 32 points by the crystal-a mark followed C1, CiC2, Cs. C2h; C2v, D2, D2h; C3, C3i, C3v, D3, D3d; Ck UB>3h, C6, C6v, C6h, D3h, D6, D6h; C4, C4h, C< SUB>4v, S4, D2d, D4, D4h; T, Th, Td, O432, Oh.

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