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Basic Orange
Molecular formula :

nature : flashing red brown crystalline block or sandy. The temperature of 118 ° C ~ 11.85. Huang was dissolved in the water orange. Dissolved in alcohol - and fibrinolytic. Micro-soluble acetone. Insoluble benzene. Case of concentrated sulfuric acid yellow, orange diluted. Orange nitrate was encountered. Aniline diazotization and coupling between phenylenediamine, dissolution, crystallization, dry derived. For cotton, acrylic, leather, paper, feathers, grass (or wood, bamboo) products and silk dyeing.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Basic orange;Chrysoidine;Astra Chrysoidine R;Calcozine Chrysoidine Y;Chrysoidine FB,B;Chrysoidine G;Chrysoidine GS;Chrysoidine Y;C.1.Basic Orange 2(11270)
2) Basic Orange;chrysoidine
3) Alkaline orange
4) Basic orange;chrysoidine
5) range
6) range
7) C.I. Basic orange 33
8) base
9) base
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