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Molecular formula :

nature : it refers primarily to certain toxic stronger digitalis-type cyclone argue cardiac glycosides. If digitalis glycosides, its ligand C-3 on the glycosidic bond in the form of link 2 ~ 3 varieties of sugar molecules toxin can be used curare. Such glucoside found primarily in the Apocynaceae, Scrophulariaceae, ranunculacene plants such as leaves and the seeds were.

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More Detailed Data:
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3) dimethyltubocurarinium chloride;metocurine chloride
4) tubocurarine chloride;tubadil;tubarine;delacurarine;intocostrin
5) batrachotoxin
6) magnocurarine
7) G-strophant(h)in octahydrate;acocantherine;ouabain
8) K-strophant(h)in
9) Strophanthin K
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