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Molecular formula :

nature : also known as salinity. (1) and hydroxy compounds molar ratio of aluminum. General B symbols used to represent alkalinity%. It is the PAFCS important quality indicators, which directly determine the chemical structure of product form, and many features, such as the degree of polymerization, molecular charge number, coagulation, storage stability, pH value. (2) Tanning Complex tanning properties of a key indicator. Defined as a percentage of the said inorganic tanning agents, such as chromium complexes were OH-equivalent to the total number of equivalent total chromium in the ratio of the number. The high alkalinity of the Tanning Complex molecules, with the skin protein-binding capacity; Conversely, a low alkalinity, said the tanning Complex small molecules, proteins and skin the ability to combine weak and strong ability to penetrate. Correct use alkalinity is a reasonable implementation of the tanning process an important factor.

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