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acute toxicity
Molecular formula :

nature : it refers to organisms in a short period of time of exposure to toxic substances or short-term exposure immediately after the harmful effects or mortality. Acute usually refers to a contact time (exposure) or repeated exposure (exposure); Acute effects of contact or refer to a few days after exposure, usually within two weeks of toxic effects. Animals often from acute toxicity test results to describe the acute toxicity, such as animal LD50 (concentration), target organ damage, poisoning symptoms, pathological changes; There are acute poisoning cases from the clinical observation of access to information. Acute toxicity classification. Based mainly on animals by oral, dermal LD50 (LD50), half of inhaled lethal concentration (LC50) classification. Acute toxicity classification depends largely on management institutions and laws of the needs and uses. Generally, as I LD50 <20mg/kg or <50mg/kg substances classified as toxic, 50 ~ 800mg/kg substances classified as highly toxic and 500 ~ 5000mg/kg material is zoned for medium manufacturing, & gt; 5000mg/kg material is zoned for low toxicity.

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