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reactive diluent
Molecular formula :

nature : (a) also known as reaction solvents. Both dissolved or dispersed film material, but also in the process of film coating film in response, creating a volatile component and stay in a coating of compounds. Main points for high-solids and solvent-free coating system. Can be divided into : glycidyl category for solvent-free epoxy paint; - Two (or three or four) acrylic esters, for the light-cured coatings; High hydroxyl value polyester, polyether type for high-solid coating. (2) in the diluted adhesive process also participated reaction diluent. Molecules containing active groups, with the adhesive curing agent react without gas to escape, right after curing of the adhesive layer does not affect the performance can also be toughened up role. When used, the amount should be curing agent, and the increased volume of diluent active groups was calculated. For more epoxy adhesive. The main varieties of single - epoxy-glycidyl of acrylamide, phenyl glycidyl ether, Shuanghuan ecstasy of Glycol Ether, Ether - such as resorcinol.

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8) Oxirane, (butoxymethyl)-;Glycidyl butyl ethrel;Epoxypropane butyl ether;2, 3-Epoxypropyl butyl butyl ether;Epoxy rexin active diluent 501#;Butyl epoxy propyl ether 660
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