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ethylene oxide;epoxyethane;oxane
Molecular formula :

nature : Alias ethylene oxide. Also known Dioxane. Aliphatic most simple ring ether. Under normal temperature for the colorless gas, low temperature for the colorless liquid flows easily. A taste ether. -111.3 ° C melting point. The boiling point of 10.7 ° C 0.8671 relative density. 1.3597 refractive index. Flash point (open cup) <17.7 ° C. The air explosion limit of 3% ~ 100%. With water, ethanol and ether and many other immiscible organic solvent. The chemical nature of lively, easy open-loop response. Ethylene and oxygen from the air or silver catalyst in the presence of direct oxidation, the reaction product by the absorption and desorption, which is make distillation. The Department of petrochemical products, mainly used in the manufacture of ethylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, ethanolamine, ethylene glycol ethers, surfactant agents. Before 1928 furniture for fumigation and pest ethers grain fumigants. For the fumigation of food, feed, medical equipment, fur and other insects, sterilization. With the use of carbon dioxide mixture night.

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1) epoxyethane;ethylene oxide
2) Ethylene oxide;Oxirane;Epoxyethane;Anprolene
3) epoxyethane;ethylene oxide
4) Ethylene oxide;Epoxy ethane;1,2-epoxyaethane;1,2-epoxyethane;aethylenoxid
5) Ethylene oxide
6) epoxyethane;ethylene oxide
7) Ethylene oxide
8) Dioxolane
9) Ethylene oxide
10) polyoxyrthylene;polyethlene glycol;polyethylene oxide
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