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black liquor
Molecular formula :

nature : Kraft pulp or caustic soda legal process, cooking and washing the pulp washing liquid. Black, the cooking liquid containing the minerals and raw materials from plant fiber dissolution of lignin, hemicellulose and cellulose degradation products and other organic acids. Free inorganics including sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfate, sodium sulfide, sodium carbonate and organic chemical combination with the sodium, such as silica. Black liquor directly into the river would cause pollution, should be treated. First approach is evaporation, and then by combustion, recyclable soda. The combustion heat to generate steam form of recycling. Most of inorganics in the combustion process as molten state, dissolved after the liquid evaporates green (green liquor). Fluid milk of lime green Causticizing clarify become white liquid (white liquor), available for the preparation of pulp cooking liquid system. White clarification on the precipitation of calcium carbonate (paper industry as Pak Nai).

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More Detailed Data:
1) black liquor;black lye
2) carbon black liquid crystal
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