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Molecular formula :

nature : from raw materials, chemical production system from the beginning of its end products to go through a large number of chemical and physical processing steps. This series of processing steps as chemical process, referred to the process. A wide variety of industrial chemicals, used in the processing and manufacturing methods vary, but if its manufacturing process and tidying up will receive a number of broader application and the few basic chemical reaction process (such as oxidation, reduction, sulfonation, nitration, etc.) and basic physical processes (for example, heating, cooling, distillation, absorption, etc.). These basic chemical reaction process and the physical processes (also known as unit operation) of various chemical composition of the production process (namely, the production process).

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
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2) p-process
3) r-process
4) s-process
5) x-process
6) e-process
7) fast process
8) bach process
9) diazo process
10) cyclic process
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