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PVC with high degree of polymerization;ultrahigh molecular weight PVC;UHMW PVC
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as ultra high molecular weight PVC. Referring to the average degree of polymerization 1,700 more industrial products from 2000 to 4500, sometimes as high as 8,000 in one category of PVC resin. Due to the high molecular weight, macromolecular chains tangles more points, crosslinking similar effect, thus reducing plastic deformation, elasticity, heat, cold, fatigue resistance, mechanical strength has increased, the use of wide temperature range. Use suspension, ontology, micro-emulsion or suspension as technology, at a lower temperature and chain growth for the presence in high activity initiator so that the polymerization of vinyl chloride and prepared. After joining plasticizers for PVC Preparation of thermoplastic elastomer, rubber substitute for car interiors, windows closed, heat-resistant cable sheathing, heat hose and soles so.

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