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polymer;macromolecular compound
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as polymers. Referring to the high molecular weight (usually 104 to 106) of a category of compounds. There are natural and artificial synthesis of two categories. Natural polymers, including carbohydrates (starch, fiber, polysaccharides), protein and certain unsaturated hydrocarbon. Synthetic polymer (synthetic resin) more than the natural polymer widely used in plastics, fibers and rubber industries. Compared with the low-molecular-weight compounds, polymers have the following main characteristics : large molecular weight, molecular chain is the same as many of the simple structural units by covalent linking repeat; It is the same chemical composition and molecular weight range of different structures with the Department of polymer mixtures with molecular weight and the more decentralized structure; the structure is very complex, with a secondary and three to describe the structure. A structure is a macromolecular chains included in the module structure and the adjacent three-dimensional structure of the cell arrangement; Secondary structure refers to the unit macromolecules chain conformation or aggregation type; Three structure is the formation of complex polymer aggregates macromolecules with the situation.

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