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dry distillation
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as carbonation. Solid fuel thermal chemical processing methods. Will coal, timber, oil shale and other isolated from the air in the heating, decomposition of gases (such as gas), liquids (such as tar) and solids (such as coke) products. Generally dry distillation equipment for industrial furnaces and gas from the furnace to leak out, and with tar vapor, can be recycled. Coke is left in the Furnaces. According to the final heating temperature, and can be divided into high-temperature pyrolysis (about 900 ~ 1100 ° C), dry distillation temperature (about 660 ~ 750 ° C) and cryogenic distillation (about 500 ~ 580 ° C). In addition, there are piles of dry distillation or other dry distillation of coal stockpiles.

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More Detailed Data:
1) dry distillation;carbonization;carbonification
2) dry distillation
3) carbonization
4) carbonation
5) dry distillation of wood;carbonization of wood
6) dry distillation of wood;carbonization of wood
7) distillation
8) distillation;retorting
9) distillation;retorting
10) Temperature carbonation
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