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Molecular formula :

nature : pancreatic secretion of pancreatic lipase activator protein cofactor. Molecular weight of about 10,000. In pancreatic zymogen bubble to form, secretion into the duodenum was removed trypsin N-terminal peptide and five activation. Through molecular hydrogen bond with a pancreatic lipase through the combination of hydrophobic and bond with the combination of two fat domain. The lipid digestion, bile acid can lipid emulsion into a small-college and is conducive to pancreatic lipase, but not pancreatic lipase and micro-group within the contact triglyceride, and the water-oil interface volatility inactivation, and the auxiliary lipase can simultaneously with pancreatic lipase and fat combined, it anchored in the water-oil interface, and to prevent its water-oil interface degeneration, thereby lifting of bile acid to pancreatic lipase inhibition of this.

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