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slime control agent
Molecular formula :

nature : in paper and pulp and water throughout the process, the role of microorganisms and the sticky-like material, called Slime. To prevent microorganisms, bacteria, algae, such as the incidence of bacteria, mold and other microbial chemicals called Slime control agent. Slime control agent types : (a) the Department of chlorine compounds, such as chlorine, hypochlorite, chlorite and other inorganics, pentachlorophenol, Isocyanuric two urine chloride as its ability oxide sterilization of organic chlorine; (2) organic bromine, bromine such as phenol, 2,2 - dibromo 3-amino-propionamide, Bromo nitro alcohols, Bromo right dihydroxyacetophenone; (3) Organic sulfur-nitrogen compounds, such as thiocyanate salts, 2-thiocyanato oxide; (4) ring nitrogen and sulfur compounds; (5) 1,2-benzo differences thiazoline 3-one other. In recent years, taking into account efficiency, low toxicity, more organic bromine, sulfur organic nitrogen, benzothiazolyl, benzimidazole groups such as the Slime control agent.

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1) quicklime;lime
2) lime
3) Lime;Calcium oxide
4) lime
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