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Molecular formula :

nature : polypore fungi Poria [Poria cocos (Schw.) Wolf] dry sclerotia. Gan, desalination, Ping. Major containing beta-xylanase Poria, Triterpenolids acetyl Poria acid, Poria acid, three β - hydroxy acid wool steroidal, gums, chitin, protein, fat, sterols, lecithin, glucose, adenine, histidine, choline, beta-xylanase - Poria Xie enzyme, lipase, protease, etc.. Lee is most frequently, jianpi Ning Xin, antibacterial and prevent ulcers, reduce gastric acid, glucose lowering effect. Fundraising for edema, phlegm dizzy vision, Spleen eat less, will vomit · pond, diarrhea, disturbed mind, Palpitation insomnia.

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