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radial-flow sedimentation tank
Molecular formula :

nature : water from the pond-center along the radial-flow sedimentation tank. Usually large diameter, depth of the shallow circular pool. Its diameter is 20 ~ 30m, the largest up to 100m; Pool Center 2.5 ~ 5.0m deep, deep pool Week 1.5 ~ 3.0m. Water from the bottom into the pool from the center pipe outflow pool along the radius direction to the flow of Chi weeks, this time by the rate of water flow into small, from around the triangular hole overflow weir or outflow. Weir flow from the former Flow Baffles established, the ash collection and discharge equipment. Radial-flow sedimentation tank by the use of scratch SHALE trusses and the scraping mud machine, bottom sludge will be pushed into the center of the pond sludge bucket, using hydrostatic pressure or sludge pump mud. Radial-flow sedimentation the advantage of volume, more commonly used in the precipitation of water; Sludge equipment drawback is the huge, complex structures, and high cost.

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1) sedimentation;deposition
2) sedimentation;settling
3) sedimentation;deposition
4) Precipitation
5) flow
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