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Molecular formula :

nature : as a separate academic subject was born in 1960, is a mimic biological, construction technology devices science. It studies the structure of biological systems, functional, energy conversion, information control and other outstanding characteristics and the principle, to improve existing technology and engineering equipment, the creation of new processes, building configuration, automation devices to provide mankind with the most reliable, most flexible and efficient, most economic closer to the biological function of technology systems. Yes biology, mathematics, engineering and technology studies of mutual penetration of a combination of science. Its scope of the study included Bionic electronic, mechanical Bionic, chemical bionics, and the corresponding construction Bionic counterparts such as bionic technology. For example, the maritime sector of aquatic sports hydrodynamics research, aerospace insects to birds in flight simulation, the animal positioning and navigation, artificial limbs to control the myoelectric simulation, computer technology on brain simulation and artificial intelligence research.

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1) bionics composite
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