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rhenium dioxide
Molecular formula : ReO2

nature : deep brown solids. Monoclinic structure. Density 11.4 ~ 11.6g/cm3. Boiling Point 1363 ° C But 700 ° Cdecomposition, and the formation of metal rhenium oxide rhenium 7. With suction performance, less volatile, with the air base eutectic can create high-rhenium Salts. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in dilute acid, the concentration of soluble halogen acid. Easy with nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide generated rhenium acid. Preparation method in 300 ° C with hydrogen reduction rhenium anhydride, or 400 ° C in an inert medium (argon, nitrogen) convinces rhenium ammonium decomposition. Hydrogen Reduction of metal from raw materials and rhenium catalyst synthesis of organic compounds.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Rhenium oxide;Dirhenium heptoxide;rhenium oxide;rhenium oxide;Dirhenium heptaoxide;Rhenium heptoxide;Rhenium heptaoxide
2) rhenium
3) Rhenium;rhenium,powder
4) Rhenium
5) rhenium
6) oxide
7) oxide
8) rhenium Re
9) Oxidation
10) Diox;Diethylene dioxide;1,4-Dioxane
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