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butyric acid;butanoic acid
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as GABA. There irritating odor transparent colorless liquid. Melting point -4.5 (-7.9 to -4.26) ° C Boiling Point 163.5 ° C Density (20 ° C) 0.9587g/cm3. Dissolved in water or alcohol. It is characteristic of the creamed ingredients. From starch by acid bacteria fermented be. Industrial use of butyraldehyde oxide production. For spices, pharmaceuticals and other organic chemicals in preparation, but also for the leather from the ash.

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More Detailed Data:
1) n-Butyric acid;Ethylacetic acid;Butanoic acid;Propylformic acid;Butyric acid;n-Butanoic acid
2) n-Butyric acid;Butanoic acid;butyric acid;1-propanecarboxylic acid;acide butyrique;butanic acid;buttersaeure;butyrate;ethylacetic acid;kyselina maselna;n-butanoic acid;propylformic acid
3) butyric acid
4) butyric acid;butanoic acid
5) n-Butyric acid;Butyric acid
6) n-butanoic acid;n-butyric acid
7) n-butyric acid;n-butanoic acid
8) text-Buthyl-2-oximino-acetoactate;Butanoic acid;2-(hydroxyimino)-3-oxo-1
10) GABA
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