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butanoic anhydride;butyric anhydride
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as casein anhydride, oxidation butyrylcholinesterase. A colorless and transparent liquid. Combustible, low toxicity. -75 ° C melting point. Boiling point 199.5. The relative density of 0.9668. Refractive index of 1.4070. A flash point of 86.1 ° C Soluble ether, water and alcohol acid produced by the reaction. By acid and acetic anhydride were obtained by the reaction, by-products acetate. Ding also be chloride and sodium acetate were hot and prepared. Meanwhile, with an acid chloride sulfur, or keto acid reaction with ethylene, acid and methyl acetylene reaction can be obtained small anhydride. Raw materials used for organic synthesis. Preparation for butyrate, spices and acid, such as cellulose. In the pharmaceutical industry on Preparation for gallbladder contrast agent of raw materials.

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1) n-Butyric anhydride;Butanoic acid, anhydride;Butyrl oxide;butyric anhydride;anhydrid kyseliny maselne;butanoic anhydride;n-butyric acid anhydride;Butanoic acid anhydride
2) Butyric anhydride;Butanoic acid anhydride;Butyryl oxide;Butanoic anhydride
3) butyric anhydride
4) butyricanhydride
5) isobutyric anhydride
6) isobutyric anhydride
7) Perfluorobutyric anhydride;Heptafluorobutyric anhydride
8) Butanoic acid, heptafluoro-, anhydride;Heptafluorobutyric anhydride;heptafluoro-butanoic aci anhydride;Butanoic acid,heptafluoro-,anhydride
9) n-Butyric acid;Butanoic acid;butyric acid;1-propanecarboxylic acid;acide butyrique;butanic acid;buttersaeure;butyrate;ethylacetic acid;kyselina maselna;n-butanoic acid;propylformic acid
10) n-Butyric acid;Ethylacetic acid;Butanoic acid;Propylformic acid;Butyric acid;n-Butanoic acid
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