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plating additive
Molecular formula :

nature : in the electroplating process, to improve the quality of plating bath, need to add a variety of chemicals, these chemicals are collectively referred to as electroplating additive. Most of the electroplating additive organic compounds, according to the electroplating solution can be divided into the role of complexing agents, brightener and auxiliary brightener, leveling agent, to pinhole agent, dispersant, wetting agent, such as smoke inhibitors.

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More Detailed Data:
1) additive;addition agent
2) additive
3) electroplating;plating
4) Erucic amide;Erucamide;13-Docosenamide, (Z)-
5) additive
6) electroplating
7) c.i. 77795;liquid bright platinum;platin;platin (german);platinum black;platinum metal;platinum sponge
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