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Molecular formula :

nature : also known as hypoglycemia. One of the Department of metabolic diseases. Because brain cells glucose is the main energy source, even if short-term hypoglycemia can lead to brain dysfunction and there convulsions and coma, commonly known as "low blood sugar coma" or "low blood sugar shock." Body normal glucose (plasma glucose values) must be maintained at 3.3 ~ 8.3mmol / L. Hypoglycemia refers to the blood glucose concentration of less than 2.8 mmol / L (50 mg%) value of a clinical phenomenon. Under the cause of treatment, but also through food into sugar, such as intravenous treatment.

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More Detailed Data:
1) a-D-Glucoxe;D-Glucose;Dextrose;Blood sugar
2) corn sugar
3) sugar(s);saccharide(s);carbohydrate(s)
4) sodium thiosulfate;sodium hyposulfite;hypo
5) sodium thiosulfate
6) sodium thiosulfate;sodium hyposulfite;hypo
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