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Molecular formula :

nature : human dietary vegetable protein, vegetable oil are important resources, the food industry with consumption of protein and fat consumption the main base material. Soybean "beans" "beans" "black bean" "brown beans" are collectively known, but usually refers to the alleged main soybean soybeans. Legumes soybean pod is to designate the mature seeds, grain oval to nearly spherical yellow color is from the seed coat (dry weight or 9%), Cotyledon (dry weight or 88%, is a major edible part) and embryo (dry weight or 2.5%) 3 hours composition, its chemical composition of the following table, but other varieties of cultivated origin and the conditions are different. Soybeans are rich in protein, fat, demonstrated its exceptional nutritional value. 20 prior to the 1940s, has been in soybean oil for raw materials, extracting edible oil for soybean oil and soybean meal is used as feed. 20 1940s, the successful development of soybean protein food value. In addition to promoting the traditional soy protein foods such as soya milk, tofu and other industrialized, but also developed a new type of soybean protein foods, such as soybean protein, soy protein isolate, in order to solve the food problems of mankind. Soybean constitutes% (dry weight dollars) pose a protein soybean oil ash all carbohydrates cotyledons of soybean 4220355.5 4323295.0 Testa 8.81864.3 embryo 4111434.4

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