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soybean phospholipids
Molecular formula :

nature : soybean oil refined at the separation of a class of lipid phosphate product. Their main group divided into typical lecithin, collectively known as phospholipids (1ecithin). Industrial soybean lecithin light yellow in color, the viscosity of the oil translucent bar. Do not dissolve in water, soluble in ether, petroleum ether, chloroform and other organic solvents, dissolved in acetone difficult. Exposure to the air, the light irradiation, time will gradually become opaque brown. Also by spray drying into powder or granular lecithin and yellow to light brown and slightly oil odor. Soybean Lecithin divided into lecithin 18% ~ 21%, cephalin 12% ~ 16%, phosphoinositide (phosphatidylinositol PI) of 8% to 14%, phosphatidic acid (PA) 6% ~ 11%, and containing a variety of vitamins such as vitamin E . Because molecules with pro - and oil-based and hydrophilic group, for the good of natural emulsifiers. Soybean oil refining, blowing steam, the crude phospholipid Precipitation separation, dewatering centrifuge, vacuum drying, coupled with the refined soybean phospholipids derived. Soybean Lecithin in the food industry to use. If the margarine, for catalyst and splash agent; The chocolate manufacturing materials can be used to adjust rheological properties, lower viscosity, and cocoa butter to reduce the amount of 3% to 5%. Powder can be used for many products on the humid, instant help. Bakery products for the anti-adherent, but would also enable shortening and other ingredients better dough mixing and stability bubble.

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More Detailed Data:
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