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soybean oil
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as soybean oil. By soybean (Oily about 15% ~ 26%) from the semi-dry oil. The relative density of 0.922 to 0.927 (15/15). Solidification point -8 ° C ~ 18. Iodine 120 ~ 141. Saponification value of 189 ~ 195 ° C. Mainly linoleic acid and oleic acid glyceride. Crude oil was brown, yellow or reddish-brown. Contain lecithin, the hydration method can be used to remove. Mainly for consumption, but also for the manufacture of hardened oil, soap, glycerol and painting.

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More Detailed Data:
1) soya oil;soybean oil
2) soya bean oil
3) soya (bean) oil;soybean oil
4) Soybean oil
5) epoxidized soybean oil
6) Epoxidized soybean oil
7) epoxidized soybean oil
8) epoxidized soybean
9) soybean
10) fatty acid of soya bean oil
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