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soybean products
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nature : soybeans from China. China is the earliest founders of soybean food, the most popular long-country. China's traditional soybean products, and colorful. General non-separable fermentation and fermentation of two categories. The non-fermented whole beans (such as soybeans, beans, pulses, etc.), bean sprouts, soy milk, tofu water, dry bean curd (such as dried tofu, bean curd skin, etc.), oil, tofu and other frozen tofu. Fermentation is fermented, soybean paste, soy yoghurt, such as bean curd. Are all into one category, has many colorful varieties. The 1940s, after the development of traditional soybean food at the same time, research and development of a new type of soybean protein food, including protein concentrate, isolated protein, protein, and its nutritional value, or functional nature of the further development of the milk substitute milk foods, such as meat imitation. Soybeans are many micro-components, it has found its nutritional value, the functional nature, such as phospholipids oligosaccharides, saponin, such as isoflavones. Soybean products have good prospects for development.

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