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t-butyl hypochlorite
Molecular formula : (CH3) 3COCl

nature : Irritation with the light yellow liquid. The boiling point of 78 ° C, density 0.91g/cm3. Exposure to strong light or under-prone overheated fierce decomposition reaction. Need cold, dark, inert gas preservation. Will chlorine-tert - butanol into the alkali solution preparation. Responses should control the flow of chlorine, temperature should be maintained at 20 ° C, in order to avoid an explosion. A wide range of uses, such as for the chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols of oxidation, one of chlorination, Oxime chlorination, sulfide oxidation sulfoxide into the reagents.

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More Detailed Data:
1) tert-butyl hypochlorite;hypochlorous acidtert-butyl ester;tert-Butylhypochlorite;Hypochlorous acid,1,1-dimethylethyl ester;Hypochlorous acid 1,1-dimethyl ester
2) hypochlorite
3) hypochlorite
4) Chlorite-group minerals;Chlorite (mineral);Hydrochlorite;chlorite;chlorites,inorganic,n.o.s.;Chlorite(mineral)
5) hypochlorous acid
6) hypochlorous acid
7) Hypochlorous acid
8) hypochlorous acid
9) chloric acid
10) chloric acid
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