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glass fiber
Molecular formula :

nature : quartz sand produced transparent inorganic fibers. The main ingredients of silica and metal oxides, can be divided into non-alkali, alkali, high alkali and special glass fiber, filament morphology, and the fixed-length fiber glass wool. With Unburning, heat and corrosion resistance properties, E type codes have good insulation, chemical corrosion-resistant C, A high alkali metal oxides, D high dielectric properties, high mechanical strength S, M high elastic modulus, AR alkali - resistant. Method is quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, such as paraffin and virtually Soda boric acid, molten growth after spinning silk or meltblown into glass wool. For organic and inorganic polymer-based non-metallic and inorganic matrix composites intensifier, endoscopy, fiberglass products, insulation materials, filter material and insulation materials.

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More Detailed Data:
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