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glass fiber reinforced plastic pump
Molecular formula :

nature : Naifushibeng kind. Referring to contact the liquid was sent to the steel and glass components (also known as glass fiber reinforced resin) made the pump. Chemical glass steel pumps, centrifugal pumps for the general, the impeller, Vortex Room, shaft seal cavity and pull liquid discharge pipe, from the Department of epoxy, phenolic, polyester resin and other fiberglass molding suppressed by curing derived. FRP pump up the flow of 105m3 / h, lift 60m, the biggest pressures from 0.6 MPa, temperature of 60 ° C using the following. Suitable for transportation at room temperature, the concentration of <75% sulfuric acid, <20% hydrochloric acid, not those of high-temperature alkaline concentration (> 50%) solution and nitric acid.

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More Detailed Data:
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9) glass fiber
10) steel
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