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Molecular formula :

nature : called sesquiterpenes, terpenes (C5H8) kn n = 3 in a compound that three isoprene units of polymers can be divided into chain, rings, and the Fourth Ring tricyclic. The plants often to alcohols, ketones, lactone exists in the form of volatile oil. Sesquiterpene in plant life activities play an important role, for example, the important plant hormone ABA, and many fungal antibiotics are sesquiterpene. 1.5 times oxides sesquioxide oxygen and other elements in the atomic ratio of 3:2 oxide. "Sesqui" Latin meaning one-half times (3 / 2). For example, A1 (III), Fe (III) and Sb (III), Bi (III), N (III) of the three, two oxides A12O3, Fek UB>2O3, Sb2O3, Bi2O< SUB>3, N2O3 so.

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