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ethyl carbamate;carbammic acid ethyl ester;urethane
Molecular formula : H2N-COOC2H5

nature : also known as Urethane, urethaned. Colorless or white crystalline powder. The temperature 45 ° C ~ 50. The boiling point of 182 ° C to 184. 103 ° C and under 7.20kPa sublimation. 0.9862g/cm3 density (21 ° C). The flash point of 92 ° C. Mei Chatham. Odorless. Soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform, benzene and glycerol. By urea nitrate and salt and then with ethanol, sodium nitrite in the presence of sulfuric acid esterification reaction in the system. For pharmaceuticals, pesticides, perfume intermediate for the production of sleeping pills, sedatives, Fungicide, and dyeing coloring agents, such as biochemical reagents. For anti-cancer drugs for patients with multiple myeloma and chronic leukemia, the weaker its hypnotic effect can be used to treat insomnia in children and the elderly.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Ethyl carbamate;Urethane;Ethyl aminoformate;Ethyl urethane;Aminoformic acid ethyl ester.
2) Ethyl carbamate;Carbamic acid, ethyl ester;Urethane;aethylcarbamat (german);carbamate d'ethyle;carbamic acid ethyl ester;carbamidsaeure-aethylester;carbamidsaeure-aethylester (german);ethyl urethane;ethylester kyseliny karbaminove (czech);ethylurethan;leucothane;nsc 746
3) (ethyl) urethan(e);ethyl carbamate
4) Ethyl carbamate
5) Ethyl carbamate;Carbamic acid ethyl ester;Ethylurethane;Urethane
6) (ethyl)urethan(e);ethyl carbamate
7) A amino ethyl
8) Methylurethane;Carbamic acid methyl ester;Urethylane;Methyl carbamate
9) Carbamic acid, methyl ester;Urethylane;Methylurethane;Methyl carbamate
10) ethyl N-phenyl carbamate;pheny-lurethane
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