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silver chloride electrode
Molecular formula :

nature : silver chloride electrode surface covered by a silver chloride porous metallic silver Baptist containing Cl-form solution of the electrode can be said for Ag/AgCl/Cl-, electrode reaction AgCl + Universe UB>Ag + Cl-. Potential stability, good repeatability, is a common reference electrode. Its standard electrode potential of +0.2224 V (25 ° C). The advantage of the warming over the next calomel electrode stability. Usually 0.1mol/LKCl, 1 mol / L KCl and saturation KCl three types. The electrodes used in chloride solution, in the acidic solution will be affected by the trace of oxygen interference in the work of precision can reach the nitrogen protection. When the solution is HNO3 or Br-, I-, NH4-, CN-plasma exists, it can not be applied. In addition, the electrodes are also used for some (such as the glass electrode, ion-selective electrode) of the internal electrode.

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1) silver chloride electrode;silver-silver chloride electrode
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