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Molecular formula :

nature : Rose also known as amines, rose aniline, magenta base. Brown red crystal. The temperature of 186 ° C and decomposition. Micro dissolve in water, soluble acids, alcohols. For nuclei, mucin, elastic tissue staining, manufacture dyes.

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More Detailed Data:
1) amino benzene;anil;aniline;cyanol;kyanol;phenylamine;phenylic
2) Aniline;Aminobenzene
3) aniline;aminobenzene;phenylamine;benzenamine;aniline oil
4) aniline;phenylamine;aminobenzene
5) Aminobenzene;Phenylamine;Aniline
6) Aniline;aminobenzene
7) aniline;phenylamine;aminobenzene
8) Aniline oil;Aminobenzene;Phenylamine;Benzenamine
9) fuchsin;fuchsine
10) Magenta
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