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Molecular formula :

nature : see coal

Notice:Each item can have many explanations from different angels. If you want grasp the item comprehensively,please see below "more details data".
Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Carbon amorphous;Carbon decolorizing;Charcoal active;Activated charcoal;Activated carbon
2) Carbon;Activated carbon;acticarbone;activated charcoal;adsorbit;ag 3 (adsorbent);ag 5;ag 5 (adsorbent);ak (adsorbent);amoco px 21;anthrasorb
3) coal
4) coal
5) ash removal from raw coal
6) coal dehydrolysis and drying
7) Extract residues (coal), light oil alk., acid ext., Friedel-Crafts reaction products with isobutylene;Extract residues(coal),light oil alk.,acid ext.,Friedel-Crafts reaction products with isobutylene
8) Diloxanide
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1) Multifunctional sonic wave processing technology and sonic wave generator for increasing quality plant production with protection
2) Producing method for plant seedling trophosome
3) Durable anchoring method for anti-fogging agenjt of coating film for environment controlling greenhouse
4) Nursery stock transplanting apparatus
5) Method for growing small shaddock
6) Spanish mackerel catching and culturing method
7) Method for producing clone alpaca
8) Fish rod
9) Fish rod and manufacturing method for rod
10) Actuator for spinning reel