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Molecular formula :

nature : glycerol ether, also known as m-cresol. White crystals or crystalline polymers. The temperature 70 ° C ~ 73. Dissolved in water, alcohol, ether, chloroform. Cresol glycerol ester ether methotrexate for the white crystals, the temperature 93 ° C; Extreme soluble ethanol, dissolved in chloroform and insoluble in water. Muscle relaxants. Preparations are tablets and injections.

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More Detailed Data:
1) cresol
2) Phenol, methyl-;Cresylol;Cresylic acid;Tricresol;Cresol;Cresols mixture
3) Cresol (mixed isomers);Cresol
4) methyl-Phenol;Cresols;Cresylol;acede cresylique;acide cresylique;ar-toluenol;bacillol;cresol;cresoli
5) Phenol and Glycerin Otic
6) Ethyl ether;1,1'-oxybis-Ethane;Diethyl ether;1,1'-oxybisethane;3-oxapentane;aether;anaesthetic ether;anesthesia ether;anesthetic ether;diaethylaether;diethyl oxide;dwuetylowy eter
7) ether(s)
8) ethers
9) Diethyl ether;1,1'-Oxybisethane;Ether;Ethyl ether;Diethyl oxide;Ethoxyethane
10) Benzene;Benzol;Phenyl hydride;Cyclohexatriene;Coalnaphtha;Phene
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