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Molecular formula :

nature : chlorine, also known as Mo-piperazine. Cymbalta crystal, from 4,4 - bis (4-fluorophenyl) - 1-chloro butane and 1-(4-droperidol) - 5-chloro-2H - benzimidazole-2-one as raw materials in the system. As antipsychotics.

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More Detailed Data:
1) pimozide
2) Pimozide
3) benzene;benzol(e)
4) benzeen;benzen;benzol;benzole;benzolene
5) Benzene
6) benzene;benzol(e)
7) benzene;benzol
8) Benzene;Benzol;Phenyl hydride;Cyclohexatriene;Coalnaphtha;Phene
9) Benzene
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