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Molecular formula :

nature : Broadly speaking, the film is between the two is not a continuous interval. It can be a gas, liquid or solid. Membrane function of the type and range. The use of chemical film on two or more components of the fluid components were separated. According to the structure and use can be divided into microporous membrane, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membranes, membrane -- On Lake and film five; According to different materials can be divided into polysulfone membrane, PTFE membrane, cellulose acetate membrane, nitrocellulose membrane, the nylon membrane, the nuclear pore membrane, the membrane of metal, ceramic membranes, membrane polyacrylonitrile , aromatic polyether sulfone film, polyamide film, polycarbonate membrane, Polybenzimidazole membrane, en-divinylbenzene copolymer membrane, phenol acid membrane, polyvinyl alcohol film, polyphenylene ether coating. Mainly for sea and brackish water desalination, water and ultrapure water from the system, wastewater and hazardous radioactive wastewater disposal, and chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries concentrated separation and purification, etc..

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) membrane
2) biomembrane;microbial film;biofilm
3) biomembrane;biological membrane
4) liquid membrane
5) plasma membrane;plasmalemma;cell membrane
6) nuclear membrane
7) cell membrane
8) dense membrane
9) bionic membrane
10) porous membrane
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