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Molecular formula : Na [NO3]

nature : alias Chile saltpeter. Saltpeter the main ore mineral component one. Containing five nitrous oxide 63.5%, 36.5% sodium oxide. Trigonal system appearing granular, massive, HUSK form of powder-form aggregates. Colorless or white, lemon yellow and sometimes appeared reddish-brown. Glass luster. Mok's hardness of 1.5 to 2.0, density 2.24 ~ 2.29 g/cm3. Yi deliquescence, prolonged exposure to the air from broken for the powder. Late dissolve in water and taste-salty, with apathy. The flame burning on fusible and flame yellow. Mainly in hot arid desert regions, and gypsum, mirabilite, rock salt and other symbiotic. Its water-soluble, easy deliquescence, easily melted into a yellow flame characteristics for identification. Yes manufacture nitrogen, nitrate, explosives, dyes and other nitrogen-containing compounds of the mineral raw materials.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Soda niter;Sodium nitrate;sodium nitrate;chile saltpeter;cubic niter
2) soda-nitre;Chile saltpetre
3) Soda niter;Sodium nitrate
4) sodium nitrate
5) sodium nitrate
6) Chile saltpeter
7) Chile saltpeter
8) sodium nitrate
9) soda-nitre;Chile saltpetre
10) sodium nitrate;Chile nitre
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