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Molecular formula :

nature : also known as Sphigomyelins. The white crystalline powder, miniature color. The temperature of 196 ° C to 198. Soluble benzene, chloroform, heat and hot ethyl alcohol, is not soluble in ether, acetone and water. A phospholipid, biofilm One of the important components rich in glial cells and red blood cells. It sphingosine, fatty acid and phosphoric acid choline formed. Which sphingosine through the amino and fatty acid amide bond linked constitute N - acyl-sphingosine, said ceramide (cenamide). Membrane neutral SMase we can SMase hydrolysis into ceramide and choline phosphate, ceramide is an endogenous regulator. Normal non-degradable, will accumulate in cells, caused liver, spleen and dementia SMase deposition symptoms. Preparation can be used as liposomes and chemical reagents.

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1) phosphatide;phospholipid
2) phosphatide;phospholipid
3) Phosphorus;phosphorous, yellow;phosphorous ,red
4) phosphoruswhite;phosphorusyellow
5) phosphorus
6) phosphoruswhite;phosphorusyellow
7) lipid;lipoid
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