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Molecular formula :

nature : the fiber and blended fabrics (including yarn, thread) in dyeing, printing, according to the different fiber product requirements and to conduct a series of processing to remove impurities by the attachment of certain products or give performance collectively known as the pre-treatment with or refined. Cotton fabrics are singe, desizing, refining, bleaching, mercerizing so. Wool is carbonation, cook it, bleach, etc.; Silk thread and fabrics are unglued and bleach.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) surface pretreatment
2) in-situ pretreatment
3) catalyst pretreatment
4) pretreatment of raw coal
5) pretreatment of hot metal
6) pretreatment of oil seeds
7) pretreatment filming agent
8) pretreatment of wastewater
9) pretreatment for filtration
10) chemical pretreatment agent
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1) Attachment for an opening, grading or combing device on textile machinery
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3) Strip with fabric having exactly two layers of fabric
4) Thermal management material, devices and methods therefor
5) Non-woven fabric and laminate and string using the same
6) Method for producing bonded non-wovens from at least partially microfine continuous fibers and non-wovens thereby produced
7) Real time control method for needle-bonding fibrous structure and needle-bonding device for carrying out said method
8) Improved polymer-crafted cotton fibers and products
9) Fiber cement siding planks, methods of making and installing
10) Two-piece siding plank, methods of making and installing