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triaminoguanidine nitrate;TAGN
Molecular formula :

nature : enthalpy -280.62kJ/kg density 1.58g/cm3, the melting point of 214 ° C to 212. The white needle crystal. Dissolved in water; Do not dissolve in organic solvents in general. Impact sensitivity 25J, explosive rate of 50% to 60%, friction sensitivity 10%. By guanidine nitrate and prepared by the reaction of hydrazine hydrate. Propellants and explosives for supporting oxidants.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Aminoguanidinium nitrate;Aminoguanidine nitrate
2) hydrazinecarboximidamide, mononitrate;aminoguanidine nitrate;Amino guanidine nitrate
3) Guanidine, mononitrate;Guanidine nitrate;Uramine nitrate;guanidinium nitrate;Iminourea mitrate;guanidinenitrate
4) Guanidine, mononitrate;Uramine nitrate;Iminourea mitrate;Carbamidine nitrate;Guanidine nitrate
5) Amino guanidine nitrate
6) nitrate
7) guanidine nitrate
8) Guanidine nitrate
9) guanidine nitrate
10) Guanidine Nitrate;Aminomethanamidine nitrate;Carbamamidinc nitrate;Carbamidine nitrate;Aminoform
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