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Molecular formula :

nature : - also known as Candida; Scrapping fake silk streptozotocin. By Streptomyces griseus by the seven vinyl antibiotics, A, B, C three components A and B as an active ingredient. Gender compounds, yellow-green powder, smell, Bitterpungent. UV case, oxygen and high temperature are unstable. Soluble saturated aqueous solution of alcohol, do not dissolve in water, ethanol, acetone and chloroform. Antibacterial Spectrum and amphotericin B is similar, particularly on Candida albicans strongest. No oral absorption, for the main part caused by Candida albicans dermatitis, such as vaginitis.

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1) Scrapping of Candida
2) fluorspar;fluorite;cand;kann
3) Fluorite;fluorite;bruiachite;calcium fluorite;cand;ratofkite
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