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Molecular formula :

nature : A scientific name fluoride acid isopropyl. A typical non-persistent nerve agent G category. 1939 by the German trailer Despradel (G. Schrader), the first to discover. The United States military, codenamed GB. Pure strains colorless liquid, and industrial products is light yellow or brown, weak Apple flavor. The boiling point 158 ° C. -56 ° C melting point. At 20 ° C, liquid density 1.0943g/cm3 ~ 1.1102; 233.31Pa saturated vapor pressure; Volatility 13.2mg / L, respectively. Sarin easy infiltration porous surfaces and paint the surface, porous objects easily vapor adsorption. With water and a variety of organic solvents such as benzene, ethyl ether, ethanol arbitrary immiscibility. Room temperature stable, very slow decomposition. 25 ° C, the concentration of 0.1 g / L of solution, hydrolysis by about 24 to 97%. Acid, alkali and heating can accelerate its hydrolysis, the hydrolysis product of a drug-free. A state of war status mainly aerosol inhalation poisoning LD50 semi-lethal dose of 70 mg min/m3, semi-deactivation dose of 35 to 75mg min/m3; Percutaneous semi-lethal dose of 24mg/kg. A few minutes after poisoning is reduced pupil, salivation, sweating, headache, breathing difficulties, muscle symptoms and serious respiratory center palsy, died of heart stop. Sarin can be filled in shells, rockets, aviation bombs and other bombs in vivo to explosions scattered into vapor and aerosol, through the respiratory tract, eyes penetrated the body; Drop pleadings, will enable food and water contaminated by the digestive tract into the body; Smaller skin toxicity. Gas masks and skin-expanding devices can be effective protection. Under field conditions, the availability of bleaching powder, diluted solution of alkali and alkaline-ol - amine formulations disinfectants. Indoor available water vapor, ammonia, soap and water disinfection weak base. Skin exposure can quickly remove, use a disinfectant, skin disinfection liquid disinfectant. Usually atropine and pyridine Oxime PAM injection drugs and first aid treatment, such as intramuscular injection immediately.

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