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Molecular formula :

nature : Chemical Fiber Production of a process. To improve newborn or silk fiber in its products after processing and the follow-up textile processing processing performance (such as cluster, smooth, antistatic, open pine etc.), obtained after birth silk or silk newborn in the Canadian process, the processing of fiber Shi above processes finishes processing the name. Newborn right filament silk, one can be glib roller apply paint or oil; Short fiber newborn silk, from oil to mainly apply paint roller; In short fibers after processing, after spinning Oil Finish by admitting Baptist-rolling and spraying the majority.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) finishing
2) finishing
3) fatten;oiling
4) finish;finishing agent
5) resin finishing
6) pre-boiling
7) pre-boiling
8) surface treatment;surface finishing
9) film boiling
10) wax deoiling
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