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Molecular formula :

nature : natural musk exist in China. Colorless liquid viscosity. Unhappy with soft musk fragrance. The boiling point 130 ° C (0.07kPa). Refractive index of 1.479 to 1.489, 13. Synthetics generally racemic. Industrial production more difficult as the aroma similar to a series of substitutes. For a small number of high-end perfumes. This is an important medicine.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) 3-Methylcyclopentadecanone;Muscone;Muskone
2) Muscone
3) muskone;3-methylcyclopentadecanone
4) muskone;3-methylcyclopentadecanone
5) 3-Methylcyclopentadecanone;3-methyl-Cyclopentadecanone;Musk ketone;3-methyl-1-cyclopentadecanone;3-methyl-cyclopentadecanon;methylexaltone
6) Cyclopentadecanone;exaltone;normuscone
7) cone
8) Musco
9) musk
10) Moschus
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