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deep-jet fermenter
Molecular formula :

nature : It is a continuous culture fermentation tanks, mixed fermentation broth needed power, a Taiwan by the Department of multiphase pumps to deliver it. The operation, multiphase pump out from the fermenter Organization liquid, and then by air inhalers back fermenter. Picture shows one of the industrial scale deep injection fermenter. At that time, some ventilation from the medium by the Organization multiphase pump fluid cooler air to enter the high-dose inhalers, and then air-medium mixture to high-speed access, which leads to a cone-shaped mouth, and the fermenter caused turbulence; 2 / 3 emission from the fermentation tank from the top, and the remaining 1 / 3 through multiphase pump after the escape. This fermenter has been used in industrial production to whey yeast fermentation.

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