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nature : refers to the use of the natural sciences and engineering principles, rely on biological agents (biological agents), the role of materials processing to provide products or services to the community of science and technology. Including the application of organisms, tissues, cells, or cells with purified enzyme changes in biomass or other raw materials have higher value products of any process, and the design and use of reactor, fermenter, downstream processing and analysis of biological production equipment and process control devices. Sometimes consider biotechnology, genetic engineering, biological engineering, or even medical cover, in which the application of in vitro reproduction and genetic manipulation technology, will also include some agriculture, horticulture and forestry. Biological agents is the main enzyme, the overall cell and multicellular organisms also called biological catalysts (biocatalysts). Biotechnology can be divided into : the traditional fermented beverage areas including food, the production of antibiotics and waste disposal; Modern biotechnology, including the production and application of genetic manipulation, as in the biological mass production of single-cell protein, protein, bioactive peptides, vaccines and other medical products, and the use of hybridoma production for the diagnosis and treatment with the monoclonal antibodies. For social services mainly related to the biological treatment of the environment and ecological balance.

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More Detailed Data:
1) biocatalyst;biological catalyst
2) biocatalyst(s)
3) biological engine eing;biotechnology
4) catalyst;catalyzer
5) catalyst;catalytic agent
6) Biological
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