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nature : biomedical materials in specific medical arise in which the host response and effective enough capacity. It decided to materials and in vivo interaction between the system and the host response, including local and systemic reactions, such as inflammation, cell toxicity, carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic reaction, the result may lead to the body of the toxicity of materials, and body of exclusion; Reaction was mainly biological environment the material corrosion and degradation, so that the nature of material degradation or damage. The bioreactor level, through reference materials testing standards by the response to the control measure. The biocompatibility of materials affect many factors, including the nature of material itself, receptor status, the use of the environment, the amount of time. The success of biomedical materials, we have to ask after its implantation in vivo response of the host to maintain an acceptable level, while not cause structural material properties were damaged. If direct contact with the blood material, the material should study the interaction with the blood, known as the blood compatibility; If it is inspected for muscle, bone, skin and other organizations direct contact with the biocompatibility of the materials, known as general biocompatibility or histocompatibility.

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